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My hometown is Calgary, AB but I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. We moved to Calgary in 1997. I'm a stay at home mom to 6 year old Taylor and 2 1/2 year old Jaiden and I've been married to Bill for 7 1/2 years. Like most people we lead a very active life!

I attended my first SU workshop over 3 years ago and was just blown away, I immediately was hooked! I never thought I could do anything crafty let alone make a business of it. I became a demo in May 2004 and I absolutely love it!

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The online version of the 2005-2006 Catalogue is now AVAILABLE. Click on the Online Catalogue picture.

Stampin' Up! in Quebec
Stampin' Up! expands to French Speaking Canadians.

Stampin' Up! Downunder
Stampin' Up! expands to Australia with their very own catalogue and distribution centre.

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I've decided not to mail out the mini catalogues thru Stampin' Up! at this time. If you are interested in receiving the Spring Mini which is in effect from March 1 - May 31, 2006 than please send me a quick email and I will mail one out to you or check out the online version. The consensus is this is the best mini in a long time!

Refresh and Renew - April 2006. Click here for wonderful project ideas.

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Marker & Watercolor Crayon Club Participants WANTED!

Stampin' Up! Markers - have you been thinking about the Stampin' Up! markers but you just didn't want to put all that money out all at once. I'm looking for groups of 4 participants in each club. Each member will spend a certain amount of money each month and each month they will receive a colour group of markers, at the end of 4 months everyone in the club will have all 48 markers and a horizontal storage case that keeps both tips inked evenly. Email me for details if you are interested in signing up.

Watercolor Wonder Crayons - same ideas as the markers. The Watercolor Wonder Crayons debuted this year and they have proven to be very popular in the 3 months that they have been around. Again, I need 4 particiants in each club and each month you will receive a colour group, at the end of 4 months everyone in the club will have all the watercolor crayons and a beautiful storage tin. Email me for details if you are interested in signing up.

By signing up to be in either of these clubs or both you are able to get some great product that's been on your wish list for some time at a more manageable price.

Make it Meaningful.....
by Amy Kennedy

OK, I’ll admit it… I’m as guilty as the next scrapbooker. At every Thanksgiving, birthday, and trip to the zoo- it’s always there. My camera. How could I possibly leave it at home and miss any photo opportunities that ultimately end up becoming a two-page layout in my scrapbook? And maybe, just maybe, I’ve even gone “too far”. And I know there are a lot of you out there that can relate to the phrase of going “too far”. How about planning your kids’ clothes so they match in hopes of coordinating the perfect cardstock colors? Or how about taking pictures of signs because you already have plans of silhouetting it as part of your page title? How about suggesting that you and your friends go to a Columbus Crew soccer game just so you could use a laser die-cut of the soccer ball…. ok, I just did this three months ago. I get so wrapped up in creating the perfect layout and using the latest metal embellishments that I sometimes forget WHY I scrapbook in the first place.

I started scrapbooking about six years ago. Since then, my scrapbooking style has changed, scrapbooking trends came and went, and I no longer use stickers on every page. Through all of these changes, one thing has remained the same- I am still creating a scrapbook of MY LIFE. In my life, too, over the past six years, a lot has changed. I have become a different person, and have learned many valuable things. I know more of what makes me… well, me. Through all the good and the bad over the last six years, it was still my life.

Everyone scrapbooks for a reason. Maybe it’s a creative outlet. Maybe it’s to create a legacy to be passed down to your children’s children and their children’s children. Whether it’s therapeutic, or to document your heritage, everyone scrapbooks for one major reason- to tell a story. My scrapbooks tell a story of my life. If I was gone from this earth tomorrow, I know that whoever looks at my scrapbooks would be able to see who I was and what mattered to me. I started scrapbooking the non-traditional scrapbooking pages. Ones like “101 Things I Love”, “How I Love to Spend a Sunday Afternoon”, and “Why I Go Every Year to the Circleville Pumpkin Show”. These are the kind of pages that help tell who I am, and sure, they probably won’t win layout contests, but they help tell my story.

I see people work on their scrapbooks all the time. I see them create beautiful layouts of their daughter’s first day of school, or their son’s graduation. They create hundreds of pages about every event in their child’s life. While this is a great thing, what would your children know about YOUR life from looking through the pages? I would give anything to see a scrapbook of my mom’s life before me. What did she used to do with her friends? Where was she when Kennedy was shot? Sure, I could call her right now and ask her, but what happens when there comes a time, when I can’t call her and I wish more than ever I had even just one scrapbook that tells a story of her life.

As the new year rolls in, I would like to encourage you to make a resolution to scrapbook the little things in your life, not just every birthday party and trip to the zoo. If someone looked through your scrapbooks, would they know what kind of person you are? Would they know what your top five favorite movies are? Would they know what your first car was? Would they know what your dream vacation is?

You can still carry your camera around to every holiday get together. But how about next time, instead of finishing the last few pictures on the dog again, how about taking a picture of the view from your front porch, or from your kitchen window, or of your grandmother’s china. These are the little things that make life meaningful.

Happy Scrapping!

12 Things to do with your ribbon …

Cut a journaling block into horizontal strips. Tie a ribbon in a bow or knot to the left end of the first strip, then the right end of the second strip, and so on.

  1. Create a page frame by stitching ribbon to each side of the page, and then cover the joins with a button or another accent.
  2. Collect scraps of ribbon and cover the spiral binding of a journal or album in bows.
  3. Tie a bow on a paperclip.
  4. Soften the look of metal mesh by knotting satin ribbons through the latticework.
  5. Colourblock a layout, punch holes where the blocks meet and lace with ribbon.
  6. Create a ribbon loop off the side of the page, securing with stitches or staples, to index sections in your album.
  7. Stamp tiny tags with a single letter and use narrow ribbons to attach to your page for a quirky title.
  8. Hold a bookplate in place by securing each side with a length of ribbon, fixing the ribbons onto the back of your layout.
  9. Punch holes along one side of a photo or mat and finish with ribbons tied in loop knots.
  10. Loop ribbon around one side of a metal frame, then tie with a tiny knot or bow.
  11. Laminate a leaf or another found object, punch a hold and tie on a ribbon.

Just A'Scrappin'

by Joyce Mitchell

How time does fly when having fun,
And so very little housework done.
My mind is busy as can be
Cause I'm just a'scrappin', don't you see?

Thinking of layouts all day long
Paper everywhere; supplies seem gone
Can't find anything, woe is me...
I'm just a'scrappin', don't you see?

Dishes piled high but can't quit now
Got a brainstorm and a wrinkled brow
But I'm content as I can be
Cause I'm just a'scrappin', don't you see?

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