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My hometown is Calgary, AB but I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. We moved to Calgary in 1997. I'm a stay at home mom to 6 year old Taylor and 2 1/2 year old Jaiden and I've been married to Bill for 7 1/2 years. Like most people we lead a very active life!

I attended my first SU workshop over 3 years ago and was just blown away, I immediately was hooked! I never thought I could do anything crafty let alone make a business of it. I became a demo in May 2004 and I absolutely love it!

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The online version of the 2005-2006 Catalogue is now AVAILABLE. Click on the Online Catalogue picture.

Stampin' Up! in Quebec
Stampin' Up! expands to French Speaking Canadians.

Stampin' Up! Downunder
Stampin' Up! expands to Australia with their very own catalogue and distribution centre.

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RMHC Charities Stamp Set
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These valuable sheets are full of ideas, colour palettes and instruction. They are only available to demonstrators and come out every quarter (4 times a year). If you would like to know how you can get a complete set and receive future inspiration sheets than please contact me NOW.

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If you have ever thought of owning your own business at a reasonable start up cost and you love Cardmaking, Scrapbooking and Papercrafts than Stampin' Up! is for you. Contact me for information. I would love to get a demo package out to you!


I've decided not to mail out the mini catalogues thru Stampin' Up! at this time. If you are interested in receiving the Summer Mini which is in effect from June 1 - August 31, 2006 than please send me a quick email and I will mail one out to you or you can check out the online version.

Fresh Ideas for Summer - June 2006. Click here for wonderful project ideas.

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The count down is on until the 2006-2007 Ideal Book and Catalogue is unveiled. I have already submitted my pre-order for the new catalogues and I am hoping to have them between June 28th & June 30th. How exciting, I cannot wait to spend a few hours scouring those beautiful pages and see all that is new.

I still have stamp sets left that are retiring this year...so maybe someone out there may be interested in what I can't demo with anymore...I would love to find a new, loving home for them. If you are interested in my stamp and price list please email me.

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Featured Product

Bud Basics Stamp Set and Basics Outline Jumbo Wheel and Buds Jumbo Wheel (Each sold separately)

I LOVE this STAMP SET and matching wheel combo...it is sooo versatile (Pages 2&3 of the Summer Mini Catalogue) Bud Basics Stamp Set Item #106644 $24.95 CAD, Jumbo Wheels $11.50 each CAD.

Marker & Watercolor Crayon Club Participants WANTED!

Stampin' Up! Markers - have you been thinking about the Stampin' Up! markers but you just didn't want to put all that money out all at once. I'm looking for groups of 4 participants in each club. Each member will spend a certain amount of money each month and each month they will receive a colour group of markers, at the end of 4 months everyone in the club will have all 48 markers and a horizontal storage case that keeps both tips inked evenly. Email me for details if you are interested in signing up.

Watercolor Wonder Crayons - same ideas as the markers. The Watercolor Wonder Crayons debuted this year and they have proven to be very popular in the 3 months that they have been around. Again, I need 4 particiants in each club and each month you will receive a colour group, at the end of 4 months everyone in the club will have all the watercolor crayons and a beautiful storage tin. Email me for details if you are interested in signing up.

By signing up to be in either of these clubs or both you are able to get some great product that's been on your wish list for some time at a more manageable price.

15 Tips To Quality Scrapbooking (Part 2 will be in the July Newsletter

a multi-part series by H T Parker, Jr

The creation of a quality scrapbook requires planning. . .

Tip 1. A quality scrapbook should have a theme. The theme of your scrapbook can be simple or complex. Your theme could be a special event such as a birthday, a baby shower, a wedding, Christmas, or Halloween. Themes can also be personalized to the scrapbook recipient's special interests.
Special interests themes include favorite colors, sports, favorite television programs, music, the outdoors, or cultural influences.

There are three key questions that must be answered if your scrapbook is to be a quality product.
A) What is the overall purpose for your scrapbook? B) Who is the scrapbook and for? C) Who is the scrapbook about? The answers to these three questions are all factors in selecting an appropriate theme.
The scrapbook you are giving your nephew as he graduates from medical school is probably completely different than the grandparent book you send your mother.

Your nephew will probably appreciate a scrapbook with photographs, poems, journals, and more masculine embellishments. Perhaps, the theme of the scrapbook could be medicine. You could create embellishments that looked like scalpels and tweezers around various pictures of your nephew during his college years.

Your mother, on the other hand, will love a multitude of baby pictures fancifully embellished with flowers, ribbon, and baby fingerprints. The theme of this book will probably be your baby. Photographs could include baby and grandma with the baby. A nice journal about your baby's day could also add a nice touch

The creation of a quality scrapbook requires planning. .

Tip 2. Don't forget to create a title for your scrapbook page. Though adding a title might seem to be obvious or unimportant, a title defines the whole basis of your scrapbook. The title instantly tells the viewer what your page is all about. In one word or one short phrase, the title tells the reader the theme and purpose of your scrapbook. Titles can be as basic as the date of an event, the name of an individual, or a specific event.

Titles can also be more interesting and exciting. These can include quotes, sayings, fillers, or simple phrases. The best places to look for title inspiration are in greeting cards, advertisements, and commercials.

The creation of a quality scrapbook requires planning.

Tip 3. Color coordination and contrast will highlight and accent your scrapbook. A well thought out color scheme can help define the theme of a page, attract attention to specific items, or detract away from mistakes. Poorly chosen color schemes, on the other hand, can cause your scrapbook page to look gaudy or mismatched.

Background colors can be matched, coordinated, or contrasted with the colors in your photographs, mementos, or embellishments. Matching colors add to the continuity of the color scheme. Coordinated colors add depth to scrapbook pages. Contrasted colors focus the eye. In this way, color can be used to create the effect you desire.

A great way to see how colors look together is to collect and compare color wheels from your local paint or hardware store. Paint wheels are usually available free for the taking in nearly any paint department.

You must start with a theme in mind. Based upon your theme, you establish the proper title and settle upon the color scheme. Here are the next things to consider.

Tip 4. Most scrapbooks will contain photographs. Even the most disinterested reader of your scrapbook will glance at the photographs. Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Therefore, it is important to choose photographs that are of good quality and clearly illustrate your scrapbook theme.

Any photograph can be used in a scrapbook. Even instant photographs can be used in scrapbooking. Just be careful that the chemicals within the photograph do not spill out on the rest of your scrapbook. Digital pictures can easily be printed right onto lignin-free and acid-free paper.

Always keep in mind that scrapbooking is permanent. Therefore, it is probably preferable to use copies of your only picture of Great Grandma rather than risk ruining the photograph forever. Simply scan the picture on your computer scanner and print the image on lignin free and acid free paper.

Tip 5 . Often photographs aren't quite the right shape and size or the photographic image is improperly centered. Having oversized or off centered photographs appears unprofessional. A carefully trimmed and sized photograph, on the other hand, enhances the overall look and feel of your scrapbook.

There are two ways to solve these problems. The low tech way to solve these problems are to manually crop (cut) and shape the photograph using a pair of scissors or an exacto knife. If you are manually cropping and cutting pictures, make sure that you mark the outline you want with chalk before you cut.

To manually change a distracting or cluttered background simply cut out the background and replace it with a new paper background. This allows the eye to focus on the people instead of the clutter behind them.

The high tech solution to your photograph woes is to use a modern computer programs. Using these programs, photographs can be magically darkened, lightened, sharpened, enlarged, and cropped without ruining your original photograph. Some programs even allow you to change the background of the photograph.

 Tip 6 . There are no specific rules stating that all photographs or mementos must be placed in chronological order. Therefore, the order you wish to place your items and embellishments in is completely up you. If you want, you can place your items in a formal chronological order. You can also group items into formal or informal categories such as similar colors, events, activities, individuals, or families. Items can also be placed into random, abstract, or collages.

Each order has its own place in scrapbooking. For instance, chronological order might be useful for an anniversary scrapbook. Pictures and mementos of the couple's years together could be placed from the first day they met through the wedding day to the present day with each time period on a different page. This presents a feel of as time goes by.

However, a scrapbook for a parent might just have a collage of pictures and drawings. In this case, a collage lends to a feeling of being overwhelmingly loved.

Tip 7 . You may or may not want to add text to your scrapbook page. You may want to just write captions below the pictures. You may want to add your own stories or poems. You may want to add journals describing the day-to-day life of your baby or your child's accomplishments. Text can be used as either a focal point or simply as a supporting piece.

Text may be hand written. Alternately, computer fonts, letters, text, or three-dimensional images can also be printed or cut and pasted onto the page. In this way, various styles, colors, textures, and visual text effects are possible.

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