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My hometown is Calgary, AB but I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. I'm a stay at home mom to 5 1/2 year old Taylor and 2 year old Jaiden and I've been married to Bill for 7 years. My life is constantly in high gear!

I attended my first SU workshop over 2 years ago and was just blown away, I immediately was hooked! I Never thought I could do anything crafty let alone make a business of it. I became a demo in May 2004 and I absolutely love it!

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The much anticipated 2005-2006 catalogue is now AVAILABLE. Contact me now to purchase your copy for only $10 or ask me how you can earn your copy for FREE by hosting a Stampin' Up! workshop.

Stampin' Up! in Quebec

Stampin' Up! expands to French Speaking Canadians.

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RMHC Charities Stamp Set
Holiday Mini Catalogue
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These valuable sheets are full of ideas, colour palettes and instruction. They are only available to demonstrators and come out every quarter (4 times a year). If you would like to know how you can get a complete set and receive future inspiration sheets than please contact me NOW.

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If you have ever thought of owning your own business at a reasonable start up cost and you love Cardmaking, Scrapbooking and Papercrafts than Stampin' Up! is for you. Contact me for information. I would love to get a demo package out to you!

Effective immediately there will be a $20 NSF charge for any cheque that is returned to me ("bounces"). Also, I will no longer accept postdated cheques. Payment must be made at time of ordering as this slows delivery time for all the other people that have placed an order. If you have any questions concerning either of these newsflashes than feel free to call or email me.

Awesome Autumn - October 2005. Click here for wonderful project ideas.

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What's New?

Fall has approached and Calgary has already seen some snow...nothing major, but, definately snow. The mornings are brisk as I take Taylor to Kindergarten but not to cold that Billy can't still ride to work. The leaves are falling and colours are so vibrant with colours of orange, red, yellow and brown. I absolutely love Fall, it's the most beautiful season of the year.

My customers definately have not missed a beat...as soon as September approached I started getting calls to book workshops, everyone is excited about starting to make their Christmas cards.

** Booking Incentive for September and October - book and host a workshop with me in September and October and you will get to choose a book to look coupon for free Stampin' Up! merchandise, choose a large Classic Stampin' Pad and also receive a coupon worth $5 off your next purchase.

The theme for October and November workshops is Christmas...but of course!

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Featured Accessories

Forget-Me-Not Keeper

Use for photo storage or card organization. Includes 12 dividers that allow you to sort photos by theme or cards by month or occasion. Page 234, Price: $17.95 each CAD.

Marker & Watercolor Crayon Club Participants WANTED!

Stampin' Up! Markers - have you been thinking about the Stampin' Up! markers but you just didn't want to put all that money out all at once. I'm looking for groups of 4 participants in each club. Each member will spend a certain amount of money each month and each month they will receive a colour group of markers, at the end of 4 months everyone in the club will have all 48 markers and a horizontal storage case that keeps both tips inked evenly. Email me for details if you are interested in signing up.

Watercolor Wonder Crayons - same ideas as the markers. The Watercolor Wonder Crayons debuted this year and they have proven to be very popular in the 3 months that they have been around. Again, I need 4 particiants in each club and each month you will receive a colour group, at the end of 4 months everyone in the club will have all the watercolor crayons and a beautiful storage tin. Email me for details if you are interested in signing up.

By signing up to be in either of these clubs or both you are able to get some great product that's been on your wish list for some time at a more manageable price.

Altered Clipboard
by Beate Johns

Turn an ordinary clipboard into a work of art and a perfect gift!




Acrylic Paint

Craft Ink

Mod Podge™  [ buy it ]

Designer Paper

Ribbon and other accessories to decorate

Bigger stamps

Penny (optional)

Foam Brush

Step By Step:

Step 1

Step 1.
Pour some acrylic paint on your clipboard.

Step 1

Start brushing it all over your board.

Step 1

Continue until you have an even layer of color. Add more ink if neccessary. Use your penny to keep the the clip open so you can color underneath.

Step 2

Step 2.
Make sure your acrylic paint is all dry before proceeding. Stamp your images with craft ink.

Step 2

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3.
After your ink has dried, attach some of your designer paper to the bottom of the clipboard. I used Mod Podge for that. Trim the corners with scissors.

Variation: Stamp your paper before proceeding to step four.

Step 4

Step 4.
Add a thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire board and allow it to dry. If it remains sticky, spray the board with acrylic sealer.

Step 5




Stampin' Up! It's all about creativity.

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